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This 100% Little Rock Estate Grown wine has flavors of tobacco, mulled fruit, and vanilla qualities imparted by French oak staves. It pairs well with pork, smoked chicken and dark chocolate.
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A soft bodied wine that has strong flavors of smooth vanilla with a creamy finish. It has a supple mouth feel. It pairs perfectly with smoked meats, chocolate cake, and vanilla ice cream.
$17.95 per Bottle
A bold creation with the perfect acidity. This wine is rich with spicy cedar and baking spice undertones. Cynthiana pairs well with anything you would pair a Cabernet Sauvignon with.
$14.95 per Bottle
This 100% Little Rock Estate Grown wine has notes of red apple, caramel, and a subtle Muscadine flavor. This wine pairs well with turkey, ham, lightly smoked meats, cranberries, and caramel cheesecake.
$13.95 per Bottle
Our Traminette is extremely floral on the nose with strong suggestions of violets and rose. It’s better than a fresh bouquet! These qualities are exemplified by its light body style. It is very mellow on the tongue and finishes very smoothly. This wine pairs perfectly with flaky fish, chicken, and bold cheeses.
$15.95 per Bottle
This blended white wine is fruit forward with hints of pear and peach. It has a very balanced acidity on the palate. It is a blend of Valvin Muscat and Vignoles. Pairs perfectly with french cheeses and hors d'oeuvres.
$15.96 per Bottle
This crisp yet delicate light bodied wine has refreshing citrus flavors with notes of green apple and white nectarine. It pairs well with light hors d'oeuvres, seafood, and apple pie.
We're fresh out! Be looking for new ones soon!
This Chardonnay has a smooth lemony undertones with hints of fruit and floral. This wine pairs well with chicken Alfredo pasta, flaky fish, and fried catfish.
$16.95 per Bottle
This fruit forward wine has a smooth strawberry jam nose and light acidity. It is perfect for a Sunday brunch menu.
$16.95 per Bottle
With subtle tobacco and raspberry flavors this light bodied wine is a perfect pairing for any meat, especially wild game.
$16.95 per Bottle
A medium bodied wine accompanied by peppered cherry flavors and spicy undertones with a lingering flavor blackberry. It pairs well with ribeye, pizza, ribs, and sharp cheddar.
$16.95 per Bottle